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We provide a range of IT-services including hosting, cloud computing, server management, software & app development and more...

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Cloud Support Services

From Architecting and building to deploying and managing, CassiXcom is a one stop solution to make your enterprise cloud-enabled not tomorrow, but today! With our enterprise services backed by AWS, Google Cloud and other market leading vendors, you can make the switch to the cloud today with zero worries. If you are looking for a professional Cloud computing service provider, CassiXcom is the place for you. Being Highly experienced in IT infrastructure management & transformational services, we offer various cloud computing services. We have a team of highly qualified, skilled & professional engineers, who help large scale, medium scale, & small enterprises transition to the Cloud. Call us today for cloud support services.

Remote Management Services

Remote managed services like you’ve never experienced before…Our highly skilled helpdesk team will quickly connect onto your server or PC and take all necessary steps to resolve issues. Along with faster support, our remote monitoring software allows us to push out antivirus, antispyware, patches and updates, which allows us to be proactive in maintaining the health of your network. Being proactive will help avoid downtime, which in turn, will improve the overall efficiency of your operations. Remote Managed Services are a great way to supplement your in-house staff. Our monitoring tools allow us to detect with servers and PC’s as soon as the problem occurs. We are able to identify issues and resolve them expediently. Enquire about our Managed Services today.

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Hosting Services

At CassiXcom, host your website without any limits and experience true cloud hosting technology that extends to the needs of your always growing website.CassiXcom delivers turnkey web hosting solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We promise to give you the best hosting experience possible, because, the quality of your website actually depends on your website speed. To that end, we offer fastest server speeds which enable faster content loading to end users. To get more details and offers please call us today!