Business Process Support

We conduct complete business processes for our clients, which includes business process and outsourcing (BPO) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) from your initial step of acquiring a client/job to the delivery of a service or product. We train our staff to cater to your business requirements and help accomplish your organizational goal. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Business Process Support
back office administration services in Hyderabad

Back Office administration

Back Office Administration represents a range of processes that are necessary for the advancement of general business functions, failure to handle them effectively can have a detrimental effect on the core business. At CassiXcom, we offer a wide range of Back Office Administration services according to the requirements of our clients. Our team will ensure total commitment, dedication, accuracy and efficiency. As every organisation operates its own unique way, administrative services are developed on a per client basis and according to the specifications required. Our back-office team will work together with you to streamline your administrative activities for optimal efficiency. Talk to us today for more details.

Sales Support

Reliable sales support and intelligence go long way in building up your sales pipeline! Our Sales support team, enhance your conversion rate by qualifying leads, building prospect lists and actioning productive, sales opportunities. We at CassiXcom, not only build a robust sales pipeline but also keep it flowing with a steady stream of productive qualified leads. Efficient and effective sales support specialists from CassiXcom can strengthen your sales funnel and fuel your revenue growth. We help you improve the productivity of your sales force by focusing on their short, medium and long term goals and close your sales deals competently and smoothly. Get in touch with us to find out more.

back office administration services
Accounting & finance administration in India

Accounting and Finance administration

We offer bespoke accounting and financial management solutions. We do this in two ways – by providing skilled and talented individuals on an outsourced basis, and/or; providing IT and software infrastructure if required.Our solutions in this area are totally scalable and designed to cater to your specific needs – from providing an accounts clerk to manage your data entry into your financial system right up to managing the entire accounting function, from general ledger to P & L. For more information get in touch with us

Customised Functional Area Support

We offer bespoke support to suit your business requirements – examples include engineering and design support, design services using technology platforms such as Autocad 3d ,small talk.. etc. Essentially if you need support and you can’t find it in the marketplace, Talk to us today.

Accounting & finance administration services